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Julian Hartinger

freehand selection option should only connect both ends if they're very near.

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Hello everyone, hello Affinity team,


first of all, I love your software - its awesome! Using it for Mac and the iPad


Their is a small thing, that would improve your software  - its about the freehand selection tool.    Can you "steal" the idea from  the ProCrate app for the iPad?  How their freehand selection tool works? 


Their selection tool is pretty cool. You can stop the selection if you lift of the pen, BUT if you put the pen again on the iPad, then it connects the points where you ended and were you started again. If you are ready with the selection, you can double tip on a little circle on the beginning of the selection, so its closes the selection.


So the hole selection part becomes very easily. 


I´m not an native speaker, so I hope I could make the idea clear- in my opinion this is the perfect freehand selection tool, because you can take breaks and don't have to do the hole selection in one hand gesture or to refine it the hole time with selection/selection again and again.


Maybe you could look at the ProCreate App to understand what I mean. I think this little feature would be a big improvement.


Have a nice day - you guys and girls are doing great work!!!! <3



Oh and their is one last thing- could you change that you have so save the selections on the iPad version on an extra channel? That is pretty unwieldy . 

I would love it, if you just can do a thing like "command+click" like on the desktop version. Or just tip on the layer and hold for a sec. to make a selection- that would be pretty cool.

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+1 on this feature.


ProCreate and Pixelmator freehand selection tool are very good examples on how it should work. Exactly what Julian said above, please solve the issue of being able to lift the pencil to rest or reposition the canvas.




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Here's one good example on why freehand selection tool would be extremely useful. 


Please try selecting only this caterpillar (without shadows):

I can't get this creature perfectly selected with the Smart + Refine selection (refine doesn't refine as much, and freezes a lot) and simply because doing this freehand with the apple pencil is much much nicer.


We just need to have a freehand selection option that only connects both ends if they're very near. So if the apple pencil leaves the iPad surface, it only closes the loop it its extremely near.

[like pixelmator's > select > freehand selection tool]


Just as background info, here's a timelapse on how i used Pixelmator before to make collages: https://youtu.be/4z3fi14k1GY?t=32s (starting at 32s i use the selection tool). This is currently not possible with any of Affinity's selection tools and my main feature request for the app.


@Julian Hartinger  could you please edit this title (by clicking edit on your first comment) to be a bit more specific? something like: freehand selection option should only connect both ends if they're very near.





iPad Pro 12" 2015 - Affinity iOS - Latest Beta

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Update: i'm using the Pen tool, works nicely with the apple pencil and you even get bezier curves.

After closing the loop selection, click "To Mask" and it applies it to layer below.



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