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Move canvas with cursor key

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Hi, I'm using many artboards and find it very annoying that I have to go to the scrollers to move the canvas around. I would like to do this with the cursor keys. As long is nothing is selected the canvas should be moved.

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You don't have to use the scroll bars. These days UIs tens to treat scrollbars more like positional indicators than buttons. There are plenty of other ways to navigate in Affinity.


You can tap [H] to switch to the view tool and then click and drag to move the canvas. Or hold down [spacebar] if you don't want to constantly swap between tools.


If you have a multitouch trackpad you should also be able to move the canvas around with a 2 finger gesture.


If you have a magic mouse or a 4-way mouse on PC you can scroll up and down with the regular wheel and use the tilt of the scrollwheel to move sideways.

If you have a regular scrollwheel you can press shift to scroll sideways.


Lastly, you can zoom out , move your cursor and zoom back in again to refocus. Downside is that you may end up at weird zoom percentages.

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