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Vertical bars in HDR merge

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I have had mixed success merging bracketed raw (DNG) images in the 'New HDR Merge' function on my 2017 iPad Pro.  I had one that at least merged fine today, but two following attempts resulted in images with vertical bars.  This was from 3 source images, one normal exposure, one 2 stops over and one 2 stops under exposed.  After the first failed attempt I cleared Affinity out of memory on my iPad Pro and tried again with a different set of images.  In both cases I had selected 'Align source images' on one I also had selected 'Perspective alignment', on the other I didn't same result!

What is causing this?


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Hi Str8aero,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Seems something is buggy with the HDR Merge function. Can you please upload the shots you are using that lead to the result shown on your screenshot so we can test this here?
You can use this link to upload the files directly to us. All files will be deleted after being checked.

Thanks for reporting this.

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Note that in my original post I stated that it worked fine once with another set of images... then I tried it again and got the vertical bars with a different set of images.  Cleared and reloaded the app and tried again with this set of images and got the bars again.  But, it did work once.  In fact I have used it previously a few times and it worked, but in those cases I only did one set of images... didn't try and do another set right away.  Thanks

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Hi Str8aero


This looks like something that affects the current app store version, however in the current beta there has been some improvements to DNG handling so its looks to be fixed and should be in the next 1.6.4 app store update


In the meantime if you export each file as a tiff then use them to perform the HDR merge it should appear fine



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