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Affinity Photo Perspective Tool and Cropping tool

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When I use the Perspective tool on a layer and 'apply' the effect I then try to copy the layer that has been adjusted and get the a copy of the previous picture prior to the change of perspective. I notice too that I also have a similar problem copying a layer of a cropped picture and getting the 'pre-cropped' version. After making these adjustments, when I do a 'Command' click on a layer to select the photo (make a selection) a part of the selection is missing because it is looking for some of the 'cropped' information.


I need to know how I can end up with a fully cropped picture to work on after I have cropped it. Also in a similar manner, how do I end up with a perspective I have created without Affinity Photo wanting to revert to the previous version. I am 'applying' the effects I have made so I know this is not the issue and when I used to use Photoshop there was an option to 'Delete' discarded information (after cropping) option. I'm just not sure what I need to do and the video tutorials do not cover this problem - can you help? Thanks

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Are you using the perspective tool, or a Live Filter Layer perspective ? it sound half and half because "apply" is on the perspective tool, but that should change the perspective permanently. If you copy the layer and the original perspective returns, that sounds like a Live Filter.


Live Filter layers (like adjustment layers) apply instruction to the layer below, they don't actually change the layer itself. Part of a non-destructive workflow. If you copied that layer without the filter it would be the original. If you use a Live Filter, click on Merge (to apply it) which makes in permanent.


If you use the Perspective Tool on the Tools panel, it applies the filter permanently (destructively). Any parts of the image you moved outside the canvas when "perspecting" are still there though. It is a type of crop and Affinity keeps it in case you need it later. 


You can remove it (and get a fully cropped layer) by clicking on Layer > Rasterise

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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Hi Toltec,


Sorry for the delay in responding - have been away. I have only been using the Perspective Tool and 'applying' it - I am still learning AFF Photo and have not tried the live filters method and not previously understood the differences you have explained. Thanks for the information but I am still unclear about one of your explanations:


Quote - If you use the Perspective Tool on the Tools panel, it applies the filter permanently (destructively). Any parts of the image you moved outside the canvas when "perspecting" are still there though. It is a type of crop and Affinity keeps it in case you need it later. Unquote.


This is at the core of my problem I think..... but how can the Perspective Tool apply the filter permanently (destructively) as you say but it is still there in case you need it later? Isn't 'destructively' permanently as you state? The sentence seems to contradict itself and may be the cause of my confusion when using it. I also find this same problem when using the crop tool and find that the information is still there when I want it to go away.


Also, can you comment on the layers. I use a background layer (locked) and a duplicate and work on the duplicate. When cropping I would expect that all the layers are cropped at the same time and it is not important which layer I select to crop. Or perhaps I should unlock the Background layer first do the cropping and then make a duplicate. Does it matter either way?


This is what happens when I try to crop - using a duplicate layer. I crop a picture using the crop tool and then try to put a margin around the photo (a white frame/border for example - using Document>Resize Canvas then fill the new border with white) and when the frame is finished I expect to get a picture with a white border all around the pic but it often comes out with one of the borders missing and leaving the picture with a 3 sided white border because the cropped information is still being read by Affinity Photo as still being there (still unseen by me since the picture was cropped). So it appears that it is NOT destructive enough for the actions I am trying to carry out and still keeps the information in the background when I don't want it.


Thanks for your help.




P.S. Just noticed that you are at Southend-on-Sea - I used to go there from London when I was a little kid with my Grandma for the day trip to the seaside. I have very fond memories of Southend-on-Sea all the good times just came back to mind - I still remember sitting by the sea eating my piece of 'Rock' with a knotted handkerchief over my head to stop me getting too much sun (seems funny to Aussies that the English think that they can get too much sun ha ha). I left England to live in Australia when I was 12 years old and my parents immigrated to Australia - I am retired now.

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Perhaps we are talking at cross purposes. As you are using the perspective filter, forget what I said about Live Filters and cropping.


Take this image. Make a duplicate layer.


Apply a perspective filter to the duplicate.


And get this


The top layer has been permanently altered.


The bottom layer is the original, unchanged image. It is not affected by the perspective filter.




If you crop the document, all layers crop but the cropped part is still there, on each layer, just in case you change your mind..  




If you want, you can discard the area outside the crop by going Layer > Raserise however, it will only be discarded on the selected layer. The other layers will keep the bit outside the crop area, even if you can't see it..You can get the cropped part back by going Document Unclip Canvas. except for the layer you rasterised.


The part outside has gone but the other layers restore the full canvas, So you get a transparent bit on the rasterised layer.




You would need to rasterize every layer or the full canvas size will keep coming back. 


I hope that makes sense ?



P.S. The pier is still there. It burnt down a while back. A boat drove through it a few years ago but they keep rebuilding it. We even have a "lagoon" now. A glorified paddling pool, basically. No more knotted handkerchiefs, just baseball caps


I blame America !

Windows PCs. Photo and Designer, latest non-beta versions.

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Thank you so much for all the trouble you have been to. The secret to all this is knowing what is happening to each of the layers. I think you have helped sort this out for me now.


Best regards,


I'm sure Southend on sea is still a very nice place to visit. 

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