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[Fixed] Can't export to PNG in AP and AD, crash in High Sierra !!!!

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I use High Sierra, fourth beta, see enclosed image.

In both beta's i can't export a document, enclosed pdf and opening in 300 dpi, to PNG with 1200 pixels width. Crashes again and again. The MAS versions don't crash.

After the report of the crash, i can open the application again. Now the strange thing: Now i can export the file as PNG. Strange.

Encloded the PDF, Sysinfo and the crash-report.

It happen in AP and in AD, the latest beta versions. Not in the 1.5 MAS versions!





Schermafbeelding 2017-07-29 om 11.42.21.png


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Hey pruus,


It crashes for me every time, even after opening it up for a 2nd time. The MAS version is fine for me too. I'll get this passed to development. Thanks! 

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