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I would like to use Affinity Designer for scaled drawings and designs. Examples include: Architecture, Carpentry, Landscaping (hardscaping, garden design, etc.), Mapping, etc.

In these applications I need to scale the document to match real world dimensions in feet, yards, kilometers, miles, etc. so that 1" or 1 cm = some larger unit of measure i.e. 1:125,000 or 1:12 or 1:1000.

There are plugins for AI to do this for mapping, etc. Example: http://www.avenza.com/mapublisher

Can Designer use AI plugins like Photo can use Photoshop plugins?

Can Designer scale documents? I can't find it. I only saw a request for this from 3 years ago and no follow up since.

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Hi Sarvasri,


It's not currently possible to set a drawing scale.  It has been requested a number of times in our Feature Requests Section of the forums.


Affinity Designer can not make use of any plugins.

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