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Unable to Export Big Layout Sizes

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Hi teamph


Thanks for the file. This is actually because your file is too large for the PSD limit in terms of dimensions so the format itself can't support it. It is most likely too large for other formats as well. The export dialog should inform you of this but it seems to be taking a while to calculate the size which is preventing ti from being shown. You might want to drop the DPI of the document, generally the larger the document the lower DPI you need especially if you are planning on printing





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That would be a 5+ gig file at 300 dpi. Your file as is even at 50% reduction in size will be slightly larger than the 30,000 pixel limit for a PSD. And it is 211" size as is, which is over the 200" limit for a PDF to work in Acrobat or a RIP without jumping through a hoop or two.


I am assuming this is for a large format printing? If so, it doesn't need to be 300 dpi but 150 dpi at the max. Check with whomever would be outputting it to see what they recommend for this work in DPI. Some will want even lower than 150 dpi.


And if for large format printing, and if desired, you could change the design a bit and get it to output to PDF. You can cut the size in half, use a circular fill for the background so it will remain vector (doesn't change the appearance much), use a vector version of the world map and use a gradient that will hit a PDF as vector (conical will not), then export as a PDF and instruct the print service to scale up 200% to hit the original size.



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