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Batch mode - Problem with portrait format images

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I am using batch job to apply a basic grading to my Raw images and export them as Jpeg. This basically works quite good except for the fact that the grading looks quite different to what I get when I open the image manually, develop it and apply the macro then. But this is another topic.


My bigger problem is, that portrait format images are always cropped to a landscape image. That means I get a landscape image where the upper part of my originally portrait image is cut off and in the right part of the image is just black (see attachment).


Am I doing something wrong? I am using a Nikon D610 which is auto rotating the photos like almost every other digital camera.


Thank you!



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Hi Seeb and Welcome to the forums,


This is a known issue where the EXIF rotation data is being ignored.  It's already been logged and fixed by our Dev team in the latest Beta of Affinity Photo and will be in the next App Store Update when that's released.

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