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I'm using AD for a while now and one of the major things I still struggle with is a Colour Chooser (both in a popup and Studio panel). It only supports HSL Color Box model (it is called “Hue” in AD).

Most major apps right are using HSB Color box. It is more familiar and easier to use: if I need a pure bright color, I'd just move the dot to the top right corner and that's it. In HSL Box though, I'd have to try to aim the center of color box. It is frustrating. 


Please, add HSB Color Box to Affinity Designer.


I understand, that this might be not the most important feature in your road map, but it will definitely make life easier for those who come to AD from Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch

(and especially for those who are constantly switching between these apps in the process)










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