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Batch Process RAW files

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I have an Ipad Pro 2 12.9" that I was hoping to use with Affinity Photo Ipad version that I have purchased along with the PC version of the program. My hope was to be able to download my Nikon 7100 NEFs to my Ipad and have it upload them to the Apple Cloud for processing later. I have all of that part working fine and I can batch process my raw NEF and DNG files on my PC with the PC version of Affinity. For small jobs,  I would like to have the ability to process my NEFs and DNGs on location so that I could upload the JPEGs to the internet instead of waiting to come back to my office. 


I have been trying to figure out how to do this on my Ipad version of Affinity and have spent hours listening to tutorials and reading help files all of which were written around either the PC or Mac versions of the software. I am currently having to process each file independently which is a slow and arduous process...


Can someone tell me if this is even possible to do? And if it is, could someone tell me where I might find it in the menus? 


Old man lost in new technology....


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Is this a feature coming in the big update this fall with new iOS?


i really need this, for example I have a series of macro images, needing to import them raw, make changes to one in develop persona, then batch process the rest, load into a stack and focus merge them....


Also, once you have a stack of images, is there a quick shortcut way to turn all but one image off/on?


Thank you,



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