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numeric transform, precise transform

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Dear All,

How can I precise transform (numeric) an object. I want to move my duplicated object lets say 1cm right, and then 2cm down?

Does AD have this possibility at all?

Can I do precise positioning of guides and objects?


Thanks in advance,



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  • Staff

Hi Przemo,


Select your object and then go to the Transform panel... Click in the 'X' position field, select the text and replace it with '+=1cm' (without the quotes) and press return - it will take the old value and add 1cm to it. You could also type '*=3' or '0.5*123px + 5in' or anything similar. 


There's also a guides manager (View->Guides Manager) that lets you precisely position your guides if you're specifically having troubles with positioning guides. At some point in the future, Guides will be selectable objects and respond as expected in the Transform Panel.




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Thank You. :)

It is working, however I am wondering why not use simple "+1cm" istead of current "+=1cm"?

Also I would like to be able to do many transformations at once. For example, click object duplicate it and move duplicated object 1cm x and 2cm y axis. Can I do it in AD in one move?

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  • Staff

Hello Przmo,

Welcome to Affinity Forums.

1) You can, just don't delete the values already in the field.

2) Yes, you can do that if you plan to do several copies with the same transformations applied (Power Duplicate). 


For reference, to perform a Power duplicate select the object you want duplicate, press cmd+j, apply the transformations you want to the copy and then press cmd+j again. Every subsequent copy will have the same transformations applied.

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