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Designer rotation of total design sucks and spreads?

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Hi all,


when I design something in Designer, wether it's an Artboard or not, when I want to rotate is from portrait to landscape or the other way around, I have to do it in steps with the 'rotate left' or 'rotate right' menu option and the most irritating thing is that when a design is rotated, elements that are newly added likt text, are nog in the same orientation as the design now is.


Besides this very strange way of working which does not seem intuitive at all to me, it would be nice to work on multi page documents in Designer.


Will rotating a design like from portrait to landscape or the other way around become more intuitive?


And will Designer be able to create multi page documents (a flyer, magazine etc)



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Multi-Page documents is on the Features Road Map so it will be added sometime in the future but they haven't said when. https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/842-affinity-designer-feature-roadmap/


As far as the rotational issues go, my understanding is the reason for rotating (using the command you are talking about) is to change the view point of the artist to make it easier to see or to draw things (and probably for an upcoming iPad release). I never got the impression that it was to be used for rotating pages from landscape to portrait but I don't know? That is why when you go to "reset rotation" it goes back to the original orientation. Just my thoughts on it, maybe MEB can clear things up? 


Best of luck,


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