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Thai characters not rendering at correct location

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When writing text using Thai characters, some characters are not rendering at their correct location. That would be those characters that go above or below the previous character.


I guess it would be a stretch to ask to include some different thai fonts, but if the default thai font provided by the system would render correctly in Affinity, that would still be very, very helpful for many scenarios.


See example, writing "สวัสดี" in Affinity, doesn't put the characters "going above" properly:





One would expect it to render like this:




I hope this might be possible to fix for a coming update. And of course, it would be rocking if some specific Thai fonts might be included in the future. :) 

But anyway, if getting the default font to render Thai characters positioned correctly, that would be awesome for now. 

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Hey bitbebop,


We've got a record of this issue. As far as I know, we will be looking into the majority of font and text issues when Affinity Publisher which may be at the end of this year according to our About page. 

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On 8/11/2018 at 11:48 AM, Michael-ลูติ said:

This tread is over one year old but it seems the problem is still not solved?

Unfortunately, this is still an issue. We issue we have is related to combining forms in the text. We might know more once Publisher is released.

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Hi, do you have any update about this issue, my wife cant use affinity photo because of it, and it s a shame I it will be much easier for the rest of our process.

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