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Problem blending curves with pixels below

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In the AP iPad tutorial for Blend Modes & Blend Ranges, James adds a white balance adjustment to a photo, then changes the adjustment layer's blend mode to soft light. I can reproduce this. 
I can also change the adjustment's blend mode to luminosity and the result looks the same as the original image, as I expect.
The behaviour is different for a curves adjustment layer. I have 2 layers:
2 - Curves layer, blend= normal, I steepened the RGB master curve drastically.
1 - Original photo
The result is distorted colours and contrast, because I steepened the curve. My problem is that when I change the blend mode of the curves layer to luminosity, the result doesn't change. I expect the distorted colours to (mostly) disappear and the distorted contrast to be visible. The result also doesn't change in colour blend mode.
To achieve what I wanted, I duplicated the photo layer and merged the curves layer down into the top photo, to give these layers:
2 - Photo, with curves layer merged into it.
1 - Original photo.
When I change the blend mode of layer 2 to luminosity, the result is what I expect.
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