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[Fixed] Double Tap with Apple Pencil...

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...while in RAW editing mode causes it to exit this mode without a prompt to save changes or develop photo, meaning I've lost a lot of work...WAIL!



Appreciate it may not be isolated to just RAW edit mode as I've read a similar post regarding Liquify(?) mode also being affected with this double-tap Apple Pencil problem.



Hope to see a fix soon as apart from this it's definitely an amazing app and loving the ability to edit my Fuji X100T RAF files on the go.


Much love x

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Hey noodldoodl,

We spotted this the few days ago and it is logged with development. I'll pass your feedback over to them. Sorry about this.


Update - I've just noticed this is fixed in our current beta 

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Thanks for letting me know, this is definitely awesome. :D


In other news...I've just bought the Apple USB 3 SD card reader and in conjunction with Affinity Photo for iPad I will be able to successfully edit and publish photos taken in RAW with my Fuji X100T when on holiday at the end of the the month.


I'll deffo do an extensive review upon my return, as I've only had the app 48 hours and wanted to give a balanced report.


Thanks again for saving me from having to be tethered to Adobe Lightroom's pay-as-you-flipping-go subscription service!

Davey x

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