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These requests are to improve workflow. I tend to export using the same specs (type, dimensions, quality, etc) and to the same location 80% of the time. It would be nice if I could create either:


  1. A custom default of the export dialog and location, OR
  2. Be able to create multiple export presets (or scenes or scenarios or whatever you want to call them), OR
  3. Have the option to Export same as previous (using most recently used settings)


Also, in the Locations dialog, why does it always default to iCloud? And in manage locations, why can't I move one of the other locations above iCloud (which does not appear in the list at all)? I never use iCloud so it is sort of annoying to have to go through the extra layers every time to pick the cloud service that I do use.


Finally, I hope that Photo will take advantage of iOS 11's file system for Export (or Save As?).



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User-settable Defaults or even better, "Sticky Settings" is an option that has been requested and re-requested since the release of Affinity Designer.  It would be the single most desirable, most efficiency-improving, workflow-enhancing update that Affinity could make.  Perhaps...eventually...we will get it.

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