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AD - Vector strokes don't define clipping mask for themself

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The problem is that vector object fill is always define clipping mask and affected by it. Even there is no fill color. 

At the same time object stroke don't define clipping mask at all and not affected by it.




Here is example:

Chain on the left is vector path with brush stroke with pixel "shadow" layer nested inside for clipping. Looking odd.

On the right is same construction, but chain was rasterized. Please, check attached .afdesign layers to understand.


I see two problems are:
1. Parent object fill is always affect the clipping mask 
2. Clipping layer have nothing with parent object stroke



I understand, that it's pure boolean logic happens there. But this make no sense and not what artist expected.


My suggestion, that vector chain must be as his raster copy on the right.


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Hi vovkasolovev


This is actually all working as expected clipping always happen with the path in any app and we are no different. We are pretty unique in allowing you to clip in this way whilst keeping some of the other attributes, most of apps would completely remove stroke and fill and just keep the path itself. As the stroke is essentially a scaled, stretch or repeated image there is not set boundary to clip to computationally speaking. The only way currently to do what you asking is to expand the stroke so it it it's own curve then clip using that. This works with rasterised curves as the pixel have been defined during the rasterisation process. It's a bit tricky to explain


I don't think this will be implemented any time soon if at all, but I am moving this to the feature request section for consideration as this is working as expected so it is not really a bug

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