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Photos Save instead of Save As

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If a photo is imported from Photos, it would be good if you had the Save over the original photo option where you are prompted to allow the app to modify the photo. This is a feature that Pixelmator has and is a real time saver if your intention was to replace the original image in the first place when working on a number of images. 

it is also not permanent in the sense that if you go into the modified photo in Photos, you can tap on the edit button then tap revert to switch back to the original photo instead of the modified version.

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Hello, I second donkas request to implement a "Save" over the original photo in the Apple Photos App, maintaining the original file name/number, and the ability to "revert to original". This is vitally important since many users would not want to save the photo edited in AP as a copy, which would clutter up an already large photo library with duplicate photos. 

However there should also be an option to "Save as a Copy" if the user so desires. 

Many photo Apps like Snapseed already provide these functions, so it should be possible for Affinity developers to implement these features in a future release.

Thanks & regards.

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