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Default Foreground Background colours

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You can map your own keyboard shortcut for this in the desktop versions of Photo and Designer. Go to your Preferences and choose Keyboard Shortcuts. Then in the second menu select Miscellaneous. Then look for the command Set Fill to Black and White and click in the blank field to the right of it and enter your keyboard command, for me I chose Control X but you can choose anything you wish.

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Hi chaps, came here a few days ago to find out, so thanks Scungio for the pointer. Seem to remember trying to sort this out about a year ago and for some reason it seemed less possible then... however, sorted now, so all good.

I felt I had to pop back and add my two penneth worth though, with a few stern words to the devs...

Basically, Mr and Mrs Affinitys, to leave this basic and very expected shortcut combination out of AF is a major oversight and, more than anything, causes unnecessary confusion and frustration to your users, especially new ones. I've been with you since day one, and am a complete evangelist for all Affinity products, but I am determined to go Adobe free (haven't used Ps or Il in many years) and have much more staying power than many other users - seemingly small omissions like D for default colours and X for swap colours will quickly turn new users away from Photo, despite the ability to 'fix' them by setting up your shortcuts as we have.

I'm curious as to why these shortcuts have been left out? Was it literally an oversight that didn't seem to matter, or are there, perhaps, legal reasons for not putting them in as default?

Would love an answer from devs on this if possible?

Just to push the point home, here's a run down of the frustration new users will face - I got all the way to the end, but how many new users will actually get this far before running back to Adobe with their tails between their legs???....


1. Doing a mask, dum de dum

2. Press D  (0.1 seconds)

3. Nothing 

4. Set black and white colours manually (4 seconds)

5. Need swap colour

6. Press X (0.1 seconds)

7. Nothing

8. click colour swap on Colour panel (1 Second)

9. Continue working 'the AP way' (30 minute)

10. Decide this is pants and there must be a better way

11. Fiddle with keyboard shortcuts, don't really know where to look (6 minutes)

12. Go to the Affinity Forum, can't really find much about it (25 minutes)

13. Become a regular visitor to the Affinity Forum, dedicated enough to the Affnity products to keep looking out often for new features etc. (Couple of years)

14. Realise that it is possible after all after finding this thread! (8 minutes)

15. Make appropriate changes to Keyboard Shortcuts (5 minutes)

16. Realise how much valuable time you have wasted sorting out something that really...no. really. ... should've been there all along. (3 minutes after step 15.)

17. Go back to the forum and write an overly long and extravagently terse post hoping that the devs will notice and at least give an answer as to the omission,
      at best, make the shortcuts default from install. (About 28 minutes now)

18. Get TF back to work! (in about 20 seconds once I click post!)




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