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Fold marks - the width of the book spine

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Does anyone know if "Designer" can make fold marks for a book spine. I just can't find a way to do so. 

If the book cover is one large Art board, the bleeds and crop marks are ok on the exported PDF. But there are no indications for the width of the book spine.

If the the book cover is made of 3 different art boards combined. The export to PDF vill make 3 seperate PDF files and that will not work for book printing. I need a PDF that is in one file with crop marks and bleed, and marks for the book spine.


Thanks in advance


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Not natively. One would need to add them manually.


I generally make book covers that are symmetrical. That is, the same width of panels on both sides of the spine. In this case, I have never added fold marks.


When I have made asymmetrical covers, where say the right-hand panel is a fold and so is wider than to the left of the spine, I have just added the marks manually. But I always use a single page for covers anyway. Imposition software by default discards marks and all the rest of the information included via an application's "Printer Marks" when creating a PDF.


The same really happens with your example of a 3 artboard document.


So, for example, if I create the 3 artboard document, it looks like this in AD:




And of course the PDF has 3 separate pages, with bleed--I didn't export with the printer's marks.




But here is is in my imposition software. Note the marks that it adds. If I had added the printer's marks in AD, they would have been discarded.




Note there are now marks for the spine.


The same would happen with an asymmetrical layout, only one or both of the outter panels would have been wider.


Now, all the above may be moot if you are using an automated process (some PODs, for instance) but I doubt they allow asymmetrical panels. In the POD, automated print process, you may be better off using a single page.



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That's how we did it in the old days... MANUALLY

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