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Ability to disable zoom snapping please!

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I've recently bought Affinity Photo to explore it as an alternative to a Photoshop, and while I am having fun, the first impression Affinity has made on me is that it's very laggy and unstable. What caused this poor initial impression is very unfortunate default behavior of smooth zoom tool, activated by ctrl+spacebar+mouse drag combo. Affinity seems to try to help out user by snapping zoom increments to values like 50%-100%-200% etc... but ultimately, this behavior feels like a lag, not a snap, sending constant signals to my brain that the entire application is lagging and I should check if there's nothing CPU/GPU expensive running in the background.


It seems I am not alone when it comes to being irritated by this behavior. Some other people, mostly professionals, seem to feel the same, for example: http://www.diyphotography.net/took-affinity-photo-windows-beta-ride-thoughts/


This poor design choice could be solved in one of the two ways:


1: Remove zoom snapping completely. The feature user expects to encounter when activating ctrl+spacebar zoom is a smooth zoom. Notice the word smooth. It implies smooth experience without any jerkiness, lagging or sharp snaps.


2: Add option to disable zoom snapping somewhere in the settings.


Thank you.

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Hey rawalanche,

You know I discovered the press down Control+Spacebar and drag feature by accident in Affinity Designer, (It only works using Control to the right of the space bar in my case, maybe it's a bug!). This feature is so useful because I just hold the spacebar to pan and add Control to zoom in and out, I can't imagine not having it.


That being said, I have also found Snapping while smooth zoom noticeably annoying. I wish there was a toggle to enable or disable it (would be nice if both Control keys worked). I have a friend who loves it, I just don't get her but well. Anyway I have been forced to work in higher zoom level than normal just to avoid the nuance. I second you in this request. 



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As far as I know there's no way to disable it but I have already gotten used to it, I don't notice it anymore! I came from using Illustrator which I still use and love but if you compare the way the two software handle zooming, it's almost exactly the same especially below 100% after which Illustrator seems to skip 50 units after the first 3-4 zooms as AD maintains 25 units. I think the smoothness is affected by the speed of the processor as well as the video card though their utilization is quite minimal.

The other thing is zooming using Ctrl+Spacebar or just holding the Ctrl key alone achieves the same effect at least as far as I can tell. I am using version For panning, I no longer use the Spacebar instead, I use the middle mouse button to pan which is the standard in most other design and animation software.

That said, I would still really appreciate iPhone level of smoothness while zoomingB|

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I totally second this.

Just working a few projects in trial mode. Really impressed by the price/performance ratio though.

But this "feature" is annoying as hell, I initially thought it was bad performance as well.

I zoom in and out all the time and this gives me headache.

Is there a chance for getting this as an optional setting?


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Please provide a way to disable this zoom snapping capability. 

It's extremely counter-intuitive when I start smooth zooming but nothing actually happens because the zoom is snapped to 100%. Not until I move the mouse a significant distance does the zoom tool actually start to work. Every time I do it, it feels like I'm doing something wrong. The application should respond to what I want to do, not block my actions based on a pre-conceived notion of what's "correct".

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