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Simon R

Adding Border to Cropped Image

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Could someone shed some light on this for me?


I create a new document based on the image size and ratio I require, I then crop the image to the size I require. However, when I resize the canvas to allow for a creation of a border of say 1inch and apply the border by adding a new fill layer, the new fill layer is snapping to the original pre-cropped size and not to the new cropped size in the new created document.


I hope this makes sense..!!


Many Thanks


Simon R



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Hi Simon R


I've been trying this in Affinity Photo and so far unfortunately I've not been able to recreate this. The fill layer encompasses the entire size of the canvas as expected and continues to do so if i resize the canvas again after it has been added. When you say your cropped the image, which method did you use? Was it simply using the crop tool or did you rasterise the layer to remove the pixels outside of the canvas?



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Hi Chris,


I have used the crop tool to drag the image to the size required, this is the workflow.


The canvas size I require for printing is 44" x 24". I convert the original image using a multiply factor of 1.49, in this case 6016px x 4016px x 1.49 then by 1.49 again to new document size of 13,356px x 8915px (45.087" x 29.717") this gives me the same ratio of the original image. I then crop the image to the required size of 44"x 24".....that's when I run into problems.....when I then resize the document to give myself a border of 1" the new fill layer snaps to the original pre-cropped size.


Should I possibly change my workflow?




Simon R

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