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Wet Edges setting sticks

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When I use a brush with the wet edges box checked that setting sticks and applies to every other brush I use.


Steps to reproduce


1. Open a new session of AP

2. Create a new document

3. Select the brush tool and select one of the basic round brushes. The wet edges check box shouldn't be checked.

4. paint a little on the document

5. Change the brush to something that has wet edges checked. There are some in the DAUB Bristles or DAUB Gouache categories. You should see the  wet edges checkbox become selected

6. Now go back and select the original brush used in step 3.


You should see that the wet edges setting is still checked when it should be off according to the brush settings.


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I must bump this topic, as I too have this bug still in AP version for Windows but what I also noticed is that turning wet edges off and then changing for instance "flow" automatically turns on the (unwanted and unchecked) wet edges. This bug alone is keeping me from using AP as my primary digital painting software for months now, and I bought it because of its great looking brushes. This topic is sadly more than half a year old, and the bug is still here. :( any news?

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