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Bring together Affinity Design and Affinity Photo into one program

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Hello, guys at Serif.


First of all, congratulations on the fantastic Photo and Designer programs.


But I would very much like you to join the two in one program.


There are things that one has and the other does not, and we have to stay all the time changing between one and the other to solve things. This is frustrating!


Serif could continue to sell the separate versions and a single version. What about?


You have hit the full functionality of the programs. I completely stopped using Photoshop and Illustrator. I'd like you guys to do something for composing videos and creating websites. Have you thought about that? A video composer with the layer effects of Affinity Designer would be unbeatable!


My dream is to turn on the computer in the morning and open my mailbox and surprise me with the news: New Affinity products: AFFINITY SITE BUILDER and AFFINITY VIDEO COMPOSER

Well, dreaming doesn't hurt, right?


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