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Hi All,


First of all, let me tell you I love designer more and more every day. As I work more and more with Affinity Designer (coming from Illustrator), I run into some annoyances that force me to switch to illustrator once in a while. While some are just missing features that will be addressed in the future, this one —I think— is a bug.


When I draw a circle (or any other curve) and use "Expand Stroke" in the "Layer" menu this is the result:




While I would assume this as a result:




Way too many anchor points are added and make the curve almost can't be edited easily after expanding. Is there a way I can avoid these issues? Or is this something you can fix in future updates?


Hope this explanation makes sense to you. Please let me know if you'd need more details or examples!




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Hi Willem Pirquin,

We are already aware of this issue. We hope to improve this in a future update/version.

I'm closing this report as a Duplicate.

Thanks for your feedback/support :)

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