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How to merge layers? [Solved]

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UPDATE: Solved.

Ellipsis icon (the 3 dot icon upper left screen, after selecting your layers)


Select your multiple layers. (Put finger/Apple Pencil on layer, while finger/Apple Pencil is resting on it, swipe to you left) this is how you select multiple layers.


Once layers selected, the 3 dots on the upper (left side) of your screen. NOT the 3 dots directly above your layers, go in there select merge, then select chosen layers (or specific to your scenario).


If I saved you time, let me know, thanks.

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13 hours ago, alexdju said:

I don’t see merge or combine here

Wrong menu. Have a look at the Layer studio, layer menu.



IPad Pro 10.5/512GB lpadOS 13.1.3  Affinity Photo Affinity Design Publisher for iPad ?

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Hi all. For some reason the merge feature is not working for me. One layer has a stroke on it, the other layer has a shape on it (circle). I select both layers, click on the icon as shown in the above post, and select "merge selected" but nothing happens. I've even tried turning the shape into curves ("convert to curves") to see if that would help, but nothing. Help please!

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