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Multiple exports, better Photos app support, and more

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I am having a blast using the Affinity Photos app on the iPad, I have basically switched from Lightroom and Photoshop on my Mac to using the Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro. However, I think there are a few things that could make the experience on the app much smoother and intuitive. 


1. Just like on Lightroom for Mac, it would be cool if I could select the images I'd like to export from the home page and export them on one go instead of having to open the images separately to export them. It's just a lot less clicks for users. 

2. When importing photos from the app via the Photos app on the iPad, I could only use the thumbnails to decide which photos to import. It would be much more convenient to have the Import to Affinity Photo extension in the Photos app when viewing the photos in the app so I could see the details of the photos before importing. 

3. Currently, all the file names when importing through the Photos app are set as Untitled. Retaining the original photo name of the image as the file name would be more convenient in my opinion. 

4. The app still quits on me sometimes when using the refine selection, haze removal, and share on export feature. I know the app does autosave my projects but it it doesn't when I first imported the image before going back to the home page, which loses all my edits.


Most of these suggestions are mainly related to the workflow of my editing. Hope to see these suggestions get implemented in future versions of the app. Thank you so much!!  

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