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Hi everyone,


First time user, love the Affinity layout and UI, really impressed with the speed and ease of use.


I'm working on a bunch of 360 photos in the Equirectangular Projection mode. I've been asked to add 20-30 location markers and text to 4-5 photos, but the client keeps coming back with numerous changes in terms of specific locations or text changes.


Currently my process has been to add the graphical elements and then Merge Down each one, thus flattening the image before I can Remove Projection and then export out a 360 image. However, this is a destructive method and I can't go back and make any changes to that layer (eg moving it more to the left, changing the text). If I need to make any changes I have to re-start the entire photo which obviously isn't time-efficient as some photos have 20-30 elements in it.


I'm sure there's a better process here but I can't find any information about working with non-destructive layers while in the Equirectangular Projection mode.


Does anyone know of any alternatives to the Merge Down method so I can go back to my edits at a later point if I need to make adjustments to my graphical layers without having to do a complete re-edit of each photo?

So so thankful for anyone who can help out or point me in a more efficient direction!

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Hi adubio
I would recommend selecting merge visible from the layers menu adubio, this creates a new pixel layer with all the objects flattened, if you need to make changes delete this pixel layer make your changes on the other layers and merge visible again thus preserving your original layers.

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Hi jhoy,


Thanks for replying with that suggested method. I gave it a go and though I can access my layers again it still didn't solve my issue when I move the live projection to a different part of the photo.


I still have to Merge Down the new layers in order to keep my new markers in place. Then when I exit live projection and move somewhere else (eg 180 degrees to the left to add new markers in) the image is baked in with my previous layers (which are now flattened into the original 360 photo).


If I need to go back to my first love projection angle and move say one marker, that's not currently possible as those layers had to be Merged Down to order to stay in place. I'm finding I just have to start again and add all the markers in again because I'm having to bake in the markers whenever I need to exit live projection and move somewhere else in the 360 degrees to add my other markers in.


Is there any way to not Merge Down so it's not destructive, and I can go back in and adjust the position or scale of one marker without having to re-place all my markers every time?


Thanks for any help!!

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hi adubio


After merge visible if you need to make changes you will have to first delete the merged layer then re merge visible to show the changes on the merged layer, there is no way of having this dynamically update itself.

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