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How do I edit IPTC, EXIF, GPS and XMP data in Affinity Photo?

Sorry if this has been asked before. I just bought it and try to process some of my files. All my files (NEF, PSD, TIFF, DNG and JPG formats) have clean and proper embedded metadata (legacy IPTC (IIM), EXIF, GPS and XMP either embedded or in sidecar files).


How does AP deal with that? Where can I edit or at least view this data?

Can AP edit XMP and other metadata?

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View > Studio > EXIF


You can view and delete it but not edit it

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Thanks, carl123


I've tried to learn a bit more about AP and how it handles metadata embedded in files.


It looks like the EXIF panel in AP shows only a subset of the metadata in the NEF file (even in the "All" setting). No headlines, keywords, titles etc. No legacy IPTC, maker notes or other relevant data.

To me It seems that AP ignores the associated XMP metadata record (in a standard XMP sidecar file) when I imports a NEF RAW file.


And when I later export the NEF to JPEG after editing in AP, only a subset of the metadata embedded in the NEF makes it into the JPEG. Keywords etc. are lost.


I use Photoshop and Lr for editing (just giving AP a try because I like Affinity Designer a lot) but proper metadata handling is a key feature for any photo editor / RAW developer.

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I'm trying to set up a file management system for a very prolific artist who likes to change teh titles of his works often. One of the ways to embed and protect the data so that I can find images when he requests them is to embed the data in the description field of EXIF. 


I'm sorry to say that it looks as though this feature has barely been given even glancing attention in Affinity Photo. The EXIF panel is not particularly easy to find. The data it contains may not be editable. The Description field is editable, but has no "undo" functionality. 


This is a very serious shortcoming for a professional imaging program.


May we expect an improvement in this area soon?

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I work with the media and much of our business depends on being able to transmit images with captions to the press. We primarily use photoshop "file info" or photo mechanic where we are able to edit metadata, add slugs, captions, locations, key words, copyright and usage instructions, etc. It seems to me that this feature would be a must for most professional photographers - especially photo journalists. Not a deal breaker for me necessarily as we can use other software to embed - but an inconvenience - especially when on deadline.


Do you have plans to add editable metadata anytime soon?

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I'd very much like to be able to delete/edit some EXIF, but not all or nothing.  Essentially I'd like to keep the shoot-date and exposure settings and add some IPTC from a preset.


Annoyingly, there are few tools around that enable EXIF to be edited.  Perhaps software companies are scared of damaging the files? (Which I understand is the most fragile part of them).

Grumpy, but faithful (watch out all you cats)

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