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Exporting big compositions is really annoying

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During my last two projects I found exporting big compositions (+750MB file size) to be extremely slow. There seams to be a calculation of file size (for the exported file) going on, which freezes my computer for a minute on every export and that takes longer than the export itself. Really going on my nerves. Is there a chance to avoid this calculation and just simply export?

By the way - this happens on a new MacBook Pro's internal fast ssd. No excuses here.. 

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Hi thadeusz,

I'll pass this on to development and see if they'd be open to having the File Size calculation as an optional thing!




I've spoke with development and they've said that all estimates should be abortable and not stop you from exporting whilst it is calculating. Do you find with your large file that you have to wait before you can export? If so would you be willing to share the file with us please?

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I have the same problem with smaller file sizes. The beach ball is spinning and blocks even the click on the export button. An option to switch off this pesky feature would help a lot. I've already started a thread about this last year, but nothing happened. Is it so complicated to code some options?

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