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EXIF Info being lost on export

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I'm new on this forum. I just installed the beta and one of the first things noticed is the lack of the EXIF in exported files. Does this version needs a special setting to save EXIF, contrary to the previous, or it's a bug?




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Hi Andrzej,

There is a known issue with development where images fail to open with metadata if they contain certain special characters. I presume you are Polish, so it is quite likely you are running into this.

For example:

  1. Create two folders named below
    • Téster
    • Testeř
  2. Place a file inside each folder that contains metadata
  3. First open the file in the 'Téster' folder and view the EXIF Panel
    • :D Observe the EXIF information is read
  4. Close this down and open the file in the Testeř folder and view the EXIF Panel
    • :( Observe that the information does not display.


As I said this is a known issue with development, but I believe it is actually caused by 'exiftool' which is what we use to read the data. Would it be possible to try placing a file in a folder so that the path does not contain any special characters?

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Hi Sean P,


thank you for the reply. Unfortunately the problem looks a little different: despite of the name of the folder (with or without special caracters) the EXIF info is not visible in the new beta. Contrary to this all work perfect in retail version (even if the folder name contains special characters). It seems it was correct in the previous beta too, though I can't confirm it now. It looks as the step back in the new beta.

(I open the files in Photo Persona).




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I did more tests and now I can confirm your comment: EXIF was not displayed despite of the name of the folder, because the name of the whole tree  contained special character, but I confirmed once again, that it doesn't matter in the retail version. Maybe it will help?



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