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Moving people or objects within a photo

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Hi All.

I've been struggling to successfully move a family member within a photo. I have tried making a selection of the person copying and pasting to a new layer, I then reduce the opacity and move the new layer to the new position (carefully aligning the position). I then move this layer below the primary working layer and reset the opacity of the moved layer.

All good so far, then I run into the issue, when I clone stamp from the moved layer below to the working layer, no matter how hard I try I can't keep the new alignment from the moved layer into the working layer. I position the cursor use alt and select and then carefully try not to move the cursor before painting in the cloned image. Try as I might, inevitably the cursor moves between selection and painting. Does anyone have any tips or a different process for moving objects / people within a photo? I know that PS Elements has context aware move (which I've found to be reasonably ok) does affinity have anything similar?







P.S sorry as I'm at work, I don't have any images to post to show the issue.

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Hello Headshed,


in the clonetool options menu select source: ​layers beneath.

with alt click on the bottom layer for the source return to the upper layer to clone.

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philips 272p 2560x1440px on intel HD2500 onboard graphics

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The simplest way I can think of is to choose your selection method, select the person, copy and paste and then use the move tool to position them.  Use the erase brush to deal with any overlaps and then use the clone tool to cover up the original.  You can adjust the feathering on the original selection and on the erase brush to soften the edges.  If you've got another picture with the person in the right place you can place that over the first image (or vice versa), adjust the transparency so that you can see what you're doing and then selectively erase the bits that are in the wrong place.

AP user, running Win10

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