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Moving A Grouped Drawing - Keep Getting Spinning Beach Ball

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Hello -

I am working on a file in Affinity Designer and each time I try to move the grouped drawing it is taking forever, or just won't move.

I keep getting the spinning beach ball.

Not sure how to fix this - it was working fine when I was drawing.


AD 1.5.5

Mac OS - Sierra 10.12.5


Any advise is welcomed.



212 Amoeba.afdesign

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Hmm … seems to work fine here under the same configuration … no lag whatsoever, and the document structure looks good as well. There are some stray elements, curves clipped to other curves that do not contribute to the design, but that shouldn’t present any problem. Very strange … does restarting the app have an effect?  :unsure:

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Sometimes it can happen that Designer becomes unresponsive, but only when you have a *very* large number of items, where Boolean compounds are applied to. I remember such an issue that came up in the forums recently. But in your document there is nothing like that, so this cannot be the reason.


Hmm … you could try to reset the app in order to see if there is a difference. In order to do so, open Apple’s Launchpad.app, find the Affinity Designer icon, hold down the Ctrl key, and click the icon to launch the Affinity Designer. You will be presented a dialog where you can restore the factory settings. Be aware though, that you might lose custom styles or brushes by resetting the app, so make sure to create backups before.


Alternatively, you could download the latest Customer Beta of Affinity Designer and see if it works there. I would suggest that you make a duplicate of the document in Finder and try it with that duplicate, rather than with your original.


Alex  :)

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