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Rasterising and flattening with some problems + simple suggestion - AP Windows

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Hi. I've purchased Affinity Photo 1.5 recently. Thank you for you software and support.


If you upscale a pixel layer more than about 400%, when you rasterise it, you'll see square pixels remain without a proper resampling.

Also rasterising has some problems when you use live filters in upscaled layers.

(here is afphoto file and here is exported tiff file)


Please take a look at exported file. In exported file, two layers that are not rasterised (bottom-right) have proper resampling unlike rasterised layers, So I suggest use exactly the same function for rasterising that "export" does.


You can also have a window after clicking "rasterise..." with a resampling option that helps a lot :). (Since exported file is a little different with opened file (unlike Photoshop), rasterising would be a necessary option to see what exported file exactly looks like. Also sometimes we need to perform different resamplings for different layers, and again rasterising would be the solution.)



Thanks ;)

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Hi Reza55n

Thanks for the files, I don't believe this is an issue with resampling, but more of an issue with the Live Filters. For example Rasterising the black line object is fine (as there are no Live Filter Layers), but applying it to the blue and red (that has the Live Ripple filter) causes the issue. Also if you zoom in and out of the unrasterized layer you will notice you get artefacts appear in differing places! I'll get it passed onto development to see what they say!

As for the suggestion feel free to create a new thread in the Feature Requests forum here: https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/forum/6-feature-requests-suggestions-and-feedback/ 

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Hi Reza,


I've looked into this more and it appears to be a bigger problem that is caused by your pixel layers having a different DPI to your document, this in turn is causing the Live Filter to display incorrectly and introduce those artifacts. It is also why the regular non-Live filter gave extremely different results. I've reported this to development.

In your document if you delete the Live Filter layer from the 'Before Rasterisation' layer and then 'rasterise' that it will make it the same DPI as your document. You can then apply the Live Filter which should then display correctly and not show any artifacts when rasterised again. (Alternatively you could just use the non-live version of the Filter to avoid the Rastersize to flatten your result.


Hopefully that makes sense?

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