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Some multi-page PDFs import very slowly and have rendering problems

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I am using Affinity Photo 1.5.2 on a MacBook Pro 15" mid-2017.


Here's my issue. I have a PDF generated on macOS Sierra with the inbuilt PDF generator selectable from the print dialog everywhere. I printed a statement from PayPal that I needed to hand to someone for a refund. Naturally I wanted to redact data on the statement that was none of their business, so I imported the document in Photo for editing. The import itself took many minutes for this 5 page sparsely populated (no images) document. Photo seemed hung in many aspects after after importation. Saving the Photo document also takes a long time as does reading it back from disc. I have performed the same set of operations on other PDFs in the past and as a part of this particular session without any issues or slowdowns.


I am hesitant to post the document here but I am happy to provide a copy to the dev team. 



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