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Are Affinity programs compatible with other design/photoshop programs

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I have Affinity Design and am thinking of purchasing Affinity Photo, but I have one question. Is Affinity Photo compatible with other programs like adobes photoshop? I need to edit documents on photoshop for school, but was wondering if I could do my work in Affinity Photo at home, then send the doc as a PNG, or JPEG etc to the school which has photoshop?


thanks :)

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Hi reikate,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Yes, you can export to several generic formats ( JPG, PNG, TIFF etc ) and also to PSD directly. Although we don't support all PSD features (this is a proprietary/poorly documented format), we do offer support for layers, blend modes, adjustments, vector layers and most common features (smart objects are not supported). We also do NOT support exporting text objects as editable PSD text (only import).

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