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Putting text stroke on new layer

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I am wanting to add a thin stroke line to text and objects and then put that stroke onto a new layer so I can move the stroke independently from the initial text layer. Can this be done?


Thanks in advance, Raine

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Hi raineman,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

You didn't specify what other types of objects you are referring to besides the text. Assuming you want to create an outline around all objects plus the text and that all objects are (closed) vector paths, you can duplicate them all objects and perform an Add boolean operation (menu Layer ▸ Geometry ▸ Add) to the duplicates to turn them all into a single shape to which you can apply a stroke (and no fill).

If you only want to apply the stroke just to the text or a single object, duplicate the text or object and apply a stroke to it (no fill).

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