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It has been over 6 weeks since I posted my question. But I believe I solved it by opening the file in Affinity Designer. That seems to have greater flexibility than Affinity Photo when saving as a Tiff. I could be wrong.. in fact i'm usually wrong.. but that is what I remember doing.  

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Hello...It does seem rather odd to have compression as a default...the problem is that there is an assumption that the file produced using LZW is smaller...it is not necessarily so. 

Usually with 16bit/channel files the file is about the same or ACTUALLY A BIT LARGER !! Even with 8 bit/channel not that much is gained. So it is rather frustrating to

have an added complication that does nothing. Also most other programs...such as Photoshop or Pixelmator etc. have the option of avoiding an outmoded form of compression.

When in doubt the best option is usually the simpler route. Thanks 

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