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Brush tool not working on iPad Pro (AP)

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Kinda bummed :/ can't use the Brush tool (running on iPad Pro 9.7", iOS 11 Beta 2). Apple Pencil and finger painting don't work. I understand this might be a beta compatibility thing but just letting you know :)


Sometimes when it works, I see a white stripe on screen, which covers the pixel.


Keep up the great work, guys!


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Hey Kkeennaa,


I'm running iOS 11 beta as well and it seems fine for me. Saying that, I have noticed a few issues that happen one day and not another  :huh: We'll keep an eye on this. One thing I've been doing regularly is Offloading the app from the Storage section in Settings. It seems to sort out all sorts of odd behaviour so it might be worth giving that a go?


I don't have a Pro running iOS 11 so I can't test the Pencil - are you saying it doesn't work whatsoever or that it just gives you the same results as using your finger? 

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