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Slice AD, doesn't mainting same image when Command Z

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I am using AD, the Slice feature, I think it is a bug in AD,

I wanted to create 4 PDFs from an oversized document, so I used the slice and exported each slice, but when I decided to redo, commmand z, all the way to the beginning of the document, it seems the 4 slices I created on that document have trimmed the at the slice position; so if you select one area, it will select 1/4 of the document, and does not remember that we are starting from scratch.


I was trying to print an over sized poster by tiling it when printed and later tape it, considering the bleed area, gave an extra half inch on all sides.

Any feed back?


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Not able to replicate this but I might be missing something. Is it possible to provide step by step instructions on how to replicate this or a sample document with history saved.

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