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When drawing a 45° angle, the program (understandably) tries to anti-alias.


It doesn't matter if I put the vertices on whole pixels or half pixels or somewhere else, each pixel will always end up part white, part black, and thus end up as a grey pixel.

However, I'd like to have some lines be aliased, because it keeps a crisper image, like the edited versions on the right. Is there a way to achieve this in Affinity Designer?

Aside from manually making the stairstepping for every pixel, of course.

I know it's a relatively small issue, but given my background in pixel art, I tend to notice these small things ;)


As a sidenote, notice how the grid in the editor doesn't adhere to the grid (despite my zoom level being exactly 800%) - is this a bug, only an issue on my device, or a setting somewhere?


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Hi PixelSnader,

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)

Select the object you want to aliased, go to the Layer's panel select the small gear icon on the top right of the panel, then click the Coverage Map button a set the graphic like on the attached screen. You can do this for more than object at once.






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