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Please add subtitles to all tutorial videos

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I would love to understand more Tutorial videos from Affinity. But only a few videos have subtitles. I'm deaf and I can only understand videos through closed caption (also the reason I bought the Designer Workbook).


Hi Joschi, thanks for your feedback. The majority of the tutorials are unscripted and as such the transcriptions would have to be manually written - there are over 200 for Photo alone, so it would be a big undertaking.


I'm sorry I can't offer a more robust solution at the present time, but have you checked our YouTube channel rather than Vimeo? (http://affin.co/photoyt) It contains all of the tutorials and although it's not perfect, YouTube has an automatic subtitling system that does a reasonable job of understanding British inflections ;) - therefore you could watch the videos and gain an understanding of what's being said. I hope that's of some use?


We're also working on a Photo workbook to accompany the Designer one which will hopefully be out later this year.

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At first, I'm really glad no one is avoiding this topic.  :)


I know that YouTube does have an automatic subtitling system - as you said, it is not perfect - and sometimes it really does it job more than good (but it is rarely the case), but when it comes to tutorials, there are often cases where even one single false word could change the whole meaning and workflow process.


Of course some videos with subtitles are of some use. Otherwise it is really hard to use.


I understand and accept, that your company is really busy working on the Affinity Product line. I hope accesibility is something you could focus more in a few years.


However, I really think this is something which could bring your company way more customers worldwide.


There are 360 million people worldwide having disabling hearing loss. Since creativity (drawing, painting, Photos - sign language) is one of the main language of the deaf community (the way how we express ourselves), you could sure achieve a huge new target group with an estimate about ~ 10 to 35 millions of possible new customers.


I know quite a few friends who would love to learn graphic design softwares, but there are really almost zero companies who are offering this (Adobe does, but not regulary, and not up to date).

And not everyone likes to only read books (since learning-by-doing through visual tutorials is way easier).


I think this could be a huge chance to get more customers (and prizes from organisations - huge positive press - sympathy points).


Maybe you could make a contest (like, people on youtube who are making great quality Affinity Tutorials and offering closed caption (not automatic subtitling) getting something in return, for example they get to be mentioned in your hall of fames, or commercial, whatever you think fits.)?!


Or find a partner company who does it for you (win-win)??


Just my mind about it. And even it's really hard for me to follow video tutorials, I'm happy with the designer workbook as my resource (and depend on it for now). 

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Not subtitles, but perhaps this will help. I wrote notes on all the Affinity Photo video tutorials. The post is here:




I don't use Designer (I'm a photographer).


Regarding sub-titles, as there are ways to add these to videos, such as http://www.3playmedia.com/, I wondered if there is somebody in the hearing-loss support community who would type up the words.

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