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[Fixed] Metadata (EXIF, IPTC) lost with stack

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This is my first post in the forum and I am even new to Affinity Photo.

The main reason I bought the program was to have a  stacking engine and  Panorama and HDR creation in one tool in my photo workflow.


Maybe I missed a check mark but to me it looks like that the stacking engine removes all EXIF and IPTC data from the picture, while creating a stack.

I tested it with long exposure simulation, which by the way creates gorgeous results. 

But after exporting the result all metadata are gone. Export was with "Embed Metadata" On in the "More" view.


The panorama and the HDR tool preserve the metadata which is great even if they are a bit faulty(e.g.: Focal length in panorama). 


Any Idea what I have missed in stacking or it is really a bug?


To reproduce:

take some photos (I tested it with TIFFs)

check if metadata are included (e.g.Camera Type)

create a stack

safe it and export as tiff or jpeg 

check the metadata now.

Easiest open with preview and then cmd-i (Show inspector) 







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Hi Michael


I don't see any particular reason why the EXIF is not kept, especially as we keep it for joining images in other ways. I shall get this passed on to the development team



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I've found this issue also applies to batch processing. When batching out to TIFF, Exif is removed. However, a single image export (File > Export… )will keep the Exif.

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As of July 2018 I still have the problem described above: batch process to TIFF, with metadata, EXIF is removed whereas Image > Export keeps metadata intact. I really need batch processing for the work I do.

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I just ran a batch process with about 22 photos with a macro applied (with 13 steps) and the EXIF information was removed/is missing.  The output was .afphoto files to the original location.  If there's another fix (presently or forthcoming), please share.  

Let me know if any additional information is needed.  Many thanks - 

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