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Tiny small popup window for photo selection when importing from photos

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Watching the Youtube tutorial Opening & Saving it shows the import of a photo from photos, opening a full screen selection window for the photo import. In my real app on iPad Pro 10.5 only a unbelievable small popup window is opening for photo selection, this can not be true? Why the video is showing different options to real app, and what's the deal here about this? This small window is not really an option for choosing taken photos for work with Affinity Photo. This small window makes it look and work like a toy, sorry for that.

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Yeah we feel the same - but there is a reason..


That big, full screen view was causing the crash issues people had when scrolling through their library - we had to replace it with the small one to stop the crashes.


Good news though - we are implementing our own full screen chooser which will appear in a beta and then the App Store soon :)


Hope this helps,



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