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Designer Export/Printing Bug or Issue?

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I didn’t find any reports on this, so; 

I recently made a quick graphic thing which looked ok on the screen but rather different when printed.



It seems the blurred star over the lamp is rendered in Colour Grey and the rest is B/W Grey (see closeup of print).



When printed från Designer or exported to pdf the print looks the same.

Export to png or jpg the print is ok, although Colour Grey.



Attached is also the original file of the masterpiece.

No answer required.


Kind regards!



AD project.afdesign

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Hi BjornE,

I don't believe this is a bug. The other values I believe are still in colour grey, however because the CMYK values are the same so the dots all appear on top of each other from what I can tell. However when doing gradients I believe we dither them using all channels so the CMYK values vary to help give them a nicer blend. This is causing the offsetting of the dots when printed. It would be better for you to specify your printer to print in greyscale. I took your attached JPG printed it out and then scanned it at 1200dpi and that was even worse!


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Hi again,


Does this mean that any element with a gradient result is dithered (in colour??) but the rest is not?


Maybe I should have attached this pic instead, the offset colour rectange corresponds to the the layer with the fx, partly hidden by the door.

Lets say I would have had some colour elements this still would happen. -A bit unpredicable, at least to me.

As far as I know I used colours and not grayscale in the elements. Whatever the cause it is not visible on screen, carries over to the pdf (object based?) but not to a flattened image.

Oh well, I'll throw in an fx on the whole image until I know what I'm doing. :)







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