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I created an entire neon sign layout in Affinity, specifically to get my path lengths, before unfortunately finding out this isn't a feature.  I love this app so much but this would be a huge feature for the makerspace and people using Designer for cnc/laser printer uses.

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+1 this feature is a must for me too. I also use Designer largely for “making” purposes and laser cutting and knowing lengths etc is a must. 

Designer does provide measurements of straight line, it just can’t measure curves yet. 

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+1 to get length information.

I need it on curves too!

In Coreldraw you can go in properties and select the curve and it will be there, also if the curve is a curve and not just straight line. Perfect if you want to measure, let's say, the neckline or the armscye. In real life you would run the length with a flexible ruler.


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if you can live with an approximate measure, you might use this method (in Photo, don't know if Designer has identical histogram):

Assuming that you have one object (shape / curve etc) you want to measure.

  1. Copy object
  2. New from clipbboard (we need the object isolated and change the fill/stroke)
  3. Ensure that line width is in pixel (not points, change in Preferences->UI)
  4. Set fill to "none"
  5. Set stroke to blue HSL 240 / 50 / 50
  6. Add procedural texture with A=sign(A-127/255) (this blocks out partial visible pixels which would inflate the measure)
  7. Look at the histogram, at "Pixels" (just above the "Min"). It will show the count of colored pixel - this is the extimated path length.

I tried this method with some test objects like rectangles, circles, and freestyle path, and found the error below 5% (check yourself)

  • a square of 100px size should give 400
  • a circle of 100px diameter should give 314
  • When you rotate the circle or move it, the measure shows about 315 - 326.

This is only intended as a workaround, i fully support your feature request that Photo / Designer should provide a measure function.

When you use fill instead of stroke, you can measure the surface area in pixel.



path length.afphoto

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