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I would love it if you could easily toggle to the node tool while drawing with the pen tool. It would make drawing masks much quicker. Or even if you could choose one of the bezier handles with the pen and adjust it that way. Now, if I click on one of the control points with my pen it drops another point instead of letting me adjust the handle angle.


On a related note, please let the node tool adjust just one side of a Bézier curve. I'm try to crest an accurate mask and if use the node to adjust one side the other side adjusts as well. Can't get a good mask like that.



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HI Rob,


Thanks for the answers. Unfortunately I think I posted in the wrong forum. I was asking about the function on the Ipad. I don't have an issue on my mac, but the way you have to switch between the pen and node on the ipad is sort of annoying. Also, you can't adjust just one side of the bezier curve with the node on the ipad. Both adjust at once so it is very difficult to draw accurately. I am hoping that they can let you use a finger on screen while you are using the apple pencil that will act like a modifier key on a keyboard. Keeping my fingers crossed anyway.

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Hi wsg7562

Currently you can't switch between the Pen And Node tools on the fly as in the desktop version because the modifier keys are not working on Affinity Photo for iPad yet. With a wireless keyboard connected or an Apple Smart Keyboard attached it's already possible to use some shortcuts.


Regarding adjusting nodes's handles with the Node Tool, this is not currently possible in Affinity Photo for iPad but should be improved in a future update as this is being also developed for Affinity Designer (iPad).

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