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Toggle between pen an node tools

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I would love it if you could easily toggle to the node tool while drawing with the pen tool. It would make drawing masks much quicker. Or even if you could choose one of the bezier handles with the pen and adjust it that way. Now, if I click on one of the control points with my pen it drops another point instead of letting me adjust the handle angle.


On a related note, please let the node tool adjust just one side of a Bézier curve. I'm try to crest an accurate mask and if use the node to adjust one side the other side adjusts as well. Can't get a good mask like that.



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You can :-) 


To toggle between pen and node tool:

Click on the pen tool and start drawing curves, now press the "p" key on your keyboard to switch to the node tool. WHen you have finished editing the nodes, press the P key to switch back to the pen tool.


To adjust only one side of a bezier curve:

To adjust only one side of a Bexier curve, hold down trhe "Alt" key (on windows) before you click and drag the control points, then only the side you drag will get adjusted. :-)


Hope that helps!


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