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AffDesigner 1.5.5 - Ruler with Moveable zero point

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Here's my two cents worth.

If this effort of mine proves useful to people, I'll try to create a pixel ruler as well.


I created 3 rulers of moveable zero point, accuracy as per Aff Designer v 1.5.5.


They are:

1 ruler 30cm,all directions, divided in mm

1 ruler 15 inches, all directions, divided in 10ths

1 ruler 15 inches, all directions, divided in 16ths


How to & design details text is on the rulers page.

Using is simply a matter of copy & paste only the ruler itself to your document.

The rulers can also be used in Aff.Photo, but be aware : the default measurements of Aff.Photo are in pixels.


Please feel free to improve/change.

If / when you do, I'd appreciate a personal message so that I can learn, thanks.

Hope you'll find them useful,










That what you do not yet know is more important than what you already know-Jordan Peterson

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