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I searched the forum for info on the subject, and found one comment suggesting we write to our font management software companies requesting plugins to use with Designer and Photo (and Publisher).


I wrote Insider Software, the makers of FontAgent, and this is the reply:


"Manually activating fonts in FontAgent should make them show up in the Affinity applications, but at this time Serif (the company the makes the Affinity products) does not have a way for developers to make plug-ins. Without that ability, we do not have a way to auto-activate fonts like we do with the Adobe applications. If/when they do add plug-in support we will take a close look at that opportunity."


Manually activating fonts will work while I'm learning the workflow, but never in a production scenario. Insider says y'all don't have a plugin structure, is that true? And if it is or not, can this be accomplished, so our font management solutions can work with your very fine products?



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Hi weblackey,


Welcome to the Forums :)


We have always said that plug-in support is something would like to improve over time and while I can't say for certain its possible we will eventually have our own plugin API so people like FontAgent can make their plugins work with us.



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Hey, guys,

I've seen this request in several threads now and I miss the option of auto-activating fonts as well.

So … are there any updates here so far?

Now that Publisher is in beta this topic is getting more and more important, I think.

A general question: what is missing or what has to be done to make font manager programs like FontExplorer, FontBase or Suitcase Fusion compatible with Affinity? Does the application need to be reprogrammed by Affinity? Are the developers of the font manager programs informed about the requirements?


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It's been working with FontAgent for quite a while, for me.  I'm using AD 1.6.1 for Mac, and FontAgent (8.2.1) does auto-activate fonts. I tested it just now -- deactivated a font, opened an AD document, and it auto-activated the font.

That said -- FontAgent also auto-activates fonts in web pages, so I don't know if this is Affinity-related, or a system-wide awesome feature of FontAgent.


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